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Jim’s Turkey Chili

Jim created this recipe after combing through a few of our many cookbooks for inspiration for a good chili recipe. He combined what he considered the best of each one into a new recipe of his own. It’s become one of our favorite go-to dinners. With less liquid, it would also make an excellent Chili Con Carne dip to serve with chips.
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Salmon Patties

These are my mom’s salmon patties. As she says, they’re something she “just throws together, they’re so easy!”. She threw them together one night when I visited after work, and I really enjoyed them. With the exception of the salmon and the eggs, she doesn’t measure. As I said, she “just throws them together”. If possible, use Trader Joe’s Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon.
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Steak San Marcos

This recipe probably came from one of Rita’s many cookbooks, as she often made it for Sunday dinner. It’s easy to fix, the kind of recipe you can throw in a skillet and do something else while it’s cooking.
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Skillet Spaghetti

Jim acquired this recipe for quick and easy spaghetti from an unknown source during his bachelor days.  He always says it’s even better the next day — and it is!
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