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Jim’s Turkey Chili

Jim created this recipe after combing through a few of our many cookbooks for inspiration for a good chili recipe. He combined what he considered the best of each one into a new recipe of his own. It’s become one of our favorite go-to dinners. With less liquid, it would also make an excellent Chili Con Carne dip to serve with chips.
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Fruit Dip

I was searching for a fruit dip to serve with fresh fruit in a Christmas buffet. I found lots of recipes using marshmallow cream, cream cheese, Cool Whip, or a combination of them. I wanted a healthier version, so I kept searching. Finally, I found a recipe in my own collection calling for sour cream and brown sugar. I low-fat plain yogurt in place of sour cream and added some of the favorite flavors of the season to taste. So dig in… er, dip in, and enjoy this tasty low-fat delight with a selection of your favorite fresh fruit. It’s particularly good with apple and orange slices.
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7-Layer Dip

This is adapted from a recipe I found at The Epicurious Recipe Swap (formerly Gail’s Recipe Swap). The original recipe stated that the secret to this dip is the bean dip itself, and thinly spreading the layers.
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Caramel Dip

It’s funny that a recipe with only one ingredient can take almost two hours to make, but this is one recipe you do not want to rush or you’ll not get good results. This recipe came from the Eagle Brand web site. It’s a great dip for sliced apples, or it can be served as a caramel sauce over ice cream.
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