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Chicken Tortilla (aka Chicken Ole’)

This was an old stand-by recipe in my mom’s kitchen when I was growing up. It was also known as Chicken Ole’.
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Golden Potato Casserole

Don’t even think about planning a holiday meal in Jim’s family without including the Golden Potato Casserole! This is a must-have dish at every holiday meal. It can be prepared a day ahead and baked just before eating.
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Broccoli Supreme Casserole

This is another recipe shared by the hostess of a lovely baby shower luncheon I attended. I have since served it at two other shower luncheons and other events. It’s always a bit hit and guests ask for the recipe. It can be made a day ahead and baked just before serving.
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Turkey Tater-Tot Casserole

I created this recipe using leftovers from a turkey dinner. Since it was a big hit, I posted it at Gail’s Recipe Swap where, to my surprise, it became a featured recipe. You can add or substitute anything you’d like. Measurements are approximate because I just used what we had on hand at the time.
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Potatoes Ranchero

During most of my growing-up years, we lived next door to the ultimate back-door neighbors. Both homes were built by the same man in the mid-1920s. He lived in the house where I grew up, while his own parents lived in the house he built next door. He installed a gate in the fence between the two patios. Since my parents purchased the home in the late 1960s, they’ve been blessed with friendly neighbors who continued to appreciate this easy passage between patios.

The first neighbors were terrific entertainers and were hilariously funny. This is one of their favorite recipes which they shared with my mom, who still makes it from time to time. Those neighbors have since moved on, but the new neighbors are every bit as terrific and just as much fun.
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